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Saraswati Korbanka

Saraswati was blessed with growing up in India, in Swami Muktananda's ashram in Ganeshpuri, absorbing the teachings of this great master on Bhakti, Jñana and Karma Yoga : the paths of devotion, knowledge and action.


Her entire life has been a practice of finding beauty in what is.


Yoga means union, connection.


It is an art of life which can lead you to beautiful places — at the very least it can improve your physical and emotional health.

​Every day is an opportunity to connect with yourself.

Welcome to simple, gentle ways in which your body and emotions can help you relax into the experience of life.

Saraswati in Vrindavan 2020

Dominique Bardin

Dentist, France

Those who have had the chance to cross the path of Saraswati are blessed and I am one of them.

Saraswati’s teachings are very enlightening, allowing me to approach the present moment without difficulty.


The softness and timbre of her voice, which accompany the different postures, takes me very far.


The smile that lights up her face at every moment and the kindness that emanates from her make her shine.


A big thank you, because you have enabled me to discover the true meaning of wisdom.


Olivier Remualdo

Photographer, Author of the book "Sâdhus", France

Although I have extensively traveled throughout India for over 15 years, I’ve never met anyone with such an unusual journey as Saraswati.


Learned at the source from the start, her knowledge of Yoga is almost innate.


She perfectly embodies the term Yoga, which means "union," and symbolises a bridge between traditional India and Western culture.


She lives and transmits a deep, authentic and yet unconventional teaching, making it accessible to all…

Sylvie Layati

Hostess, France

When I met Saraswati at a conference, I was captivated. I took her Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga classes, and I was convinced!


I also love her other programs, especially the Kirtans.


In turn teacher of Yoga, of the chanting of mantras, of meditation, public speaker... Saraswati perfectly embodies Love, Sweetness, Knowledge, Simplicity, Humility, Kindness...


Saraswati is definitely a keeper.

Love and hugs to my Saraswati!


Shiv Mathur

Meditation & Philosophy Teacher, India

Saraswati is truly a spiritually evolved person, living life as a real yogi. I mean she lives what she teaches. She has been through the depths of real yoga learning and living it with a realised saint in India, which is a blessing.

She is one of those rare authentic yoga teachers who can transform you into a person who can live happily ever after. It fills the heart with joy to know that such a wonderful person exists. The world needs people like her. It’s beautiful to see a person who is simply radiating love.


I strongly recommend her Satsangs as well as her classes. Her storytelling is engrossing and gripping, it’s fun to listen to her. I love her knowledge of scriptures and using them to explain the complexities of life, spirituality and yoga. 


I myself being a meditation philosophy teacher from India, my understanding of her is very real.


Aurélie M.

Journalist, France

I’ve been taking Saraswati’s lessons for a year, which bring deep well-being, peace, and development of self, in body and mind.

Saraswati transmits real yoga teachings with nothing superfluous, not an acrobatic competition but a real art of living, and learning about the myths and stories of India.

Radiant and always caring, Saraswati is a true gift. Thank you for all that you transmit and share!


Mireille C.

PMO Manager, France

Saraswati seems to have been gifted with constant happiness. When she hugs you at the beginning of her class, you instantly feel better.


Through her various classes, I learnt how to breathe properly, how to meditate and as well started to understand better the yoga philosophy and Indian culture.


I look forward to each session as my bubble of calm and energy within my busy week.


Thank you for what you do to help each of us be a better version of ourselves and to stay close to us even during the pandemic.


Frédéric A.

Research Engineer, France

I have known Saraswati from her Indian mythology story-telling and Philosophy of Yoga sessions.


The way she talks is captivating, full of humour and insight. She naturally knows how to be both entertaining and spiritually elevating.


Through her teachings she is sharing with us that Yoga is not just gymnastics but a deeply rooted philosophy.


She is living and breathing Yoga, and I am grateful to her for that.


Ombretta Romiti

Sales Manager, France

I love the rituals of Saraswati’s classes (Yin & Nidra). The choice of postures, the music, the mantras, the stories of Hindu philosophy, and especially her joyful and feminine energy.


But what I like most is the awareness of non-dualism. For each posture, she explains the organ of the body that is stimulated and the profound benefits that it brings us. She thus connects the body and mind to the Great All.


Each session is a profound discovery of my being. I come home with a light body and my mind at peace, and a taste of eternal India that saw her born.


Suzanne Kuehne

Allergist Dermatologist, Germany

It was really fortunate to have met Saraswati.


Her Yoga and Yoga Philosophy classes are clear, well structured, and presented with such a pleasant voice.


Thank you for being there, dear Saraswati.



Christian Fabbri

Group Internal Auditor, France

I’ve had the good fortune of taking Saraswati’s yoga classes for two years. These are pure moments of enjoyment, sharing and love.


I’m continuing online during the confinement, and impatiently look forward to each session, as this allows us to continue sharing and relaxing in harmony.


Thank you Saraswati, for everything you bring into my life…


Anna Guarino

Wellness Coach, Arizona

Saraswati’s unique style brings you on a conscious journey into your body where awareness and breath become kinetic hands, releasing tension of any kind with her clear and precise guidance.


Like a fresh bath, I often leave feeling purified and embodied — Saraswati’s class has become a wonderful addition to my energetic hygiene & loving self-care!

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