Saraswati Korbanka

Saraswati was blessed with growing up in India, in Swami Muktananda's ashram in Ganeshpuri,

absorbing the teachings of this great master on Bhakti, Jñana and Karma Yoga : the paths of

devotion, knowledge and action.


Her whole life has been a practice of finding beauty in what is...

Yin Yoga

Relax your body, heart and mind with infinite tenderness

Yoga Nidra

Reprogram your unconscious patterns and reduce anxiety

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Eva Raud Adamson

Craniosacral Therapist, Sweden

Saraswati is an absolutely amazing yoga teacher. 


I find her classes magnetic. It’s a pleasure to let her words and voice deep in. 


I find her dedicated, professional, wise, and her love of yoga shines through! 


She is the type of yoga teacher I would like to bring back to Sweden. 


She is a true yogi.

Giorgio Priveato

Yoga Teacher, France

I am a great passionate and scholar in the Yoga Science world since more than 10 years, I’m also a Yoga Teacher since 4 years and I’m always looking for real and genuine teachings about these subjects.


I was then so fortunate to have the chance to meet Saraswati that gave me so much.


She is an authentic Yogini with great knowledge coming from real sources and experiences. All of her actions and teachings are given with love, depth and fun.


I highly recommend to find the opportunity to meet her.

Monika Radziejowska

Stewardess, South Africa

Yoga with Saraswati is blissful, centering and calming.

Saraswati’s magical voice and choice of postures takes me on gentle journeys through my mind, body and soul.


I always feel lighter and happier after each session.

Thank you Saraswati for what you do.

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  • A Day At The Ashram (ADATA)
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  • A Day At The Ashram (ADATA)
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  • A Day At The Ashram (ADATA)
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